Visiting The Sissy Memes Was The Beginning Of My Experiments

sissy memes

I accidentally got on the sissy memes website, and at the first sight, it seemed just funny to me. Nasty and kinky pictures with lustful boys who look and behave exactly like slutty girls … Someone will say that it’s disgusting, but the site just amused me. After a while, I noticed that I started visiting sissy memes more and more often, checking for updates several times per day. 


It’s great that new pictures, gifs, and comics appear frequently. After all, I realized that I wanted to try everything that I saw in the photo… No, I didn’t want to become a sissy, I still identified myself as an alpha. I wanted to get acquainted with such a sweet guy who has long forgotten why a man needs a cock and balls. I wanted to find my own sissy for entertainment.


A chance meeting with a femboy in a bar 


At first, I thought it was a girl, because “she” was wearing a pink blouse with ruffles and shiny sneakers on slender legs. But then I realized – this is a guy, but a very cute, well-groomed one! He has a transparent lip gloss with sequins on his plump lips. He was sitting at the bar and was also surfing through the sissy memes! Well, if he watches memes with interest, then he should like such nasty games, I guess. 


I ordered him a cocktail and we got to talking. I could see that he liked me, and he tried to touch my hand or pat my shoulder. This is my chance, I thought! I don’t even have to ask his name, ok, I’ll just buy him one more drink, and then we’ll leave the bar and go to my car. I imagined how his shiny plump lips would look on my dick. 


“Let’s go,” I said after 10 minutes, “I think it’s time for you to have a juicy hot dog before you get completely drunk from these cocktails.” Let us see what he learned by looking at pictures from sissy memes…

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