The world of wife sharing – roles and pleasures

wife sharing

If your wife is beautiful and sexy, she wants more sex – why wouldn’t share her with somebody else? Especially if both spouses like it, and thoughts about wife sharing are immensely exciting. This philosophy is gaining momentum very quickly. Of course, there must be full and absolute consent of all participants, and everyone would get their role in this new kind of relationship. Everything else is your imagination and desires, which can now be realized for 150%! 


Permanent partner or sexual diversity? 


Do not mix wife sharing with swingers, because the couple gets pleasure from the fact that the spouse can offer his wife to another man or men! Rather, this phenomenon is closer to cuckolding, but this is not the best comparison. We can say that sharing is a very special style of sexual relations between spouses. Most often, we are talking about those couples who have already lived in a monogamous marriage and are bored. But, why cheat or cheat secretly, if you can enjoy new sensations from marital sex together? 


You can share your wife with your best friend, why not? Especially if you’re lucky, and he’s completely unlucky with women. Then the husband gives him the right to use his wife – necessarily a threesome, or they can meet even without him sometimes. Such relationships can be called “exclusive”. A huge plus is confidence in a partner, a friendly attitude, a lack of jealousy, and an almost family atmosphere. 


The second option is more extreme but no less interesting. Husband and wife are open to new acquaintances, and do not mind inviting them into the house. In this case, the husband can be the initiator, offering his spouse to a new friend. Or he can wait while she brings a potential lover and introduces him to a husband. By the way, according to the fans of this lifestyle, rarely anyone refuses the opportunity to share pleasure, and the consent of the husband and his support only excites potential new lovers. It is a great experience, in any case, to try a wife together with her beloved husband.

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